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Allergy Elimination

While it may be impossible to eliminate your allergies entirely, it is often possible to eliminate many allergens from your environment. The first step, of course, is to determine exactly what environmental factors are causing your reactions. A visit to McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, where one of our physicians will perform a series of tests tailored for your situation, will reveal the substances responsible for your symptoms. Your physician will then advise you on the best methods for minimizing your contact with particular allergens.

Avoidance measures are an important component of our allergy treatment plans. If you suffer primarily from "indoor allergies," such as dust mites, cockroach waste, pet dander, or indoor mildew or mold, you will want to fortify your house against these allergens. Dust mites can be controlled by using allergen-proof casings for mattresses; washing linens in hot water; keeping humidity under 50 percent; using cotton and polyester fiber bedding; removing carpeting; and vacuuming regularly with HEPA filter vacuum.

Elimination of cockroach waste depends, of course, on your eliminating these pests from your home. We recommend consulting a professional exterminator to be sure that the problem is curtailed as much as possible. Allergies to animal dander often put families in the difficult situation of finding a new home for a beloved pet, which can be especially hard for children. However, with your health or the health of a family member at risk, removing the pet from your home is frequently the best option.

If mildew and mold are the cause of your allergies, you will first need to locate where in your home these substances are growing. As both are fungi that thrive in damp areas, make certain to fix any leaky appliances and, if necessary, purchase one or more dehumidifiers. You can remove mold with a solution of bleach, water, and detergent. For more tips on ridding your environment of allergens, or to schedule an appointment for allergy testing, please call our office, or submit a request online using our simple online form.