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Allergy Research

At McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, our physicians make it a priority to remain up-to-date on the latest advances in allergy research. We pass new findings on to our patients as soon as they are revealed, making sure to incorporate recent knowledge into our treatment plans while always valuing our patients' well-being over the use of fad treatments. Most members of our team, in addition to maintaining medical practices, also have ties to academic institutions, which keep them abreast of new research. Many are actively involved in numerous medical societies, and all are widely considered to be experts in their fields.

Immunology, which includes the study of asthma and allergies, is full of puzzles yet to be solved. All over the world, researchers at major medical institutions, universities, and pharmaceutical laboratories are engaged in experiments designed to further our understanding of allergies and develop more effective ways of treating them.

Some allergy research focuses on environmental factors--studying concentrations of known allergens in various parts of the world and investigating how those concentrations affect local populations. Other types of research focus on anti-allergy medications, which must pass clinical trials before being introduced to the general public. These typically involve a large sampling of patients who are given either the new drug or a placebo, so that the effectiveness and side effects of the medication can be evaluated in a controlled setting.

Each of the physicians at McGovern has engaged in extensive research pertaining the field of asthma and allergies. Some of these specific areas include children's allergies; food allergies; allergy testing methods, including prick, intradermal, and RAST tests; and numerous others. For further information on our physicians' research interests, please browse the "physicians" portion of our website. There, you will be able to view detailed profiles on each member of our team, including past publications, lectures, and memberships in medical societies.