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Dog Allergy Treatments

If you are a dog owner, and also the parent of a child who has developed an allergy to dogs, you are probably finding yourself in a predicament. At McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, we see many such cases, and are experienced in offering advice to families in this difficult situation.

Our doctors are not only highly-trained in the field of allergies, but are also adept at counseling patients with allergies and attending to the myriad emotional issues that may often accompany moderate to severe allergies. To be seriously allergic to substances in your environment can be difficult, especially when your allergies hinder your ability to enjoy certain aspects of life. You may not be able to savor certain foods, venture outdoors, or--in the case of dog allergies--spend time with a favorite pet.

Although it is certainly not an easy solution, we at McGovern find that for those with moderate to severe allergies to dogs, the best course of action is to find the pet a new home. Families considering acquiring a dog for the first time should make sure to spend time with dogs before bringing one home. It is especially important to make certain your children do not have allergies prior to getting a dog; however, if you are allergic and have not been exposed to dogs, it may take a few months for the allergy to develop. Separation from pets can be particularly hard for children.

If you suspect you or your child may be allergic to dogs, we encourage you to visit our clinic. Our physicians can quickly and accurately assess the presence and severity of allergies and then advise you on how to go about treating your symptoms. These may include avoidance measures as well as certain medications. To schedule an appointment at our facility, please call our office or use our convenient online request form.