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Lawrence George Thorne, M.D.

Birth: Beckley, West Virginia

  Lawrence Franklin Thorne
  Stephen Scott Thorne
  Susan Janel Thorne
  Adam Lawrence Thorne


A.B. - Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, June 17, 1954

M.D. - Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, June 2, 1958


Internship - U.S. Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center,
  Bethesda, Maryland, July l, 1958 - June 30, 1959

Residency - (Pediatrics) U.S. Naval Hospital, NNMC,
  Bethesda, Maryland, August 19, 1960 - August 18, 1962

Fellowship - (Allergy and Immunology) Texas Allergy Research Foundation and
  McGovern Allergy Clinic, Houston, Texas - July 1, 1972 - June 30, 1974


North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners, June 19, 1958

American Board of Pediatrics, February 28, 1965

American Board of Allergy and Immunology, October 21, 1975


North Carolina, June 19, 1958

Tennessee, May 22, 1965

Texas, August 21, 1972


U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland, 1958-59 (Internship)

U.S. Naval Dispensary (Pediatric Clinic), Washington, DC, 1959-60

U.S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland, 1960-62 (Residency)

U.S. Naval Hospital, Charleston, SC, 1962-65.
  Acting Chairman of Pediatrics Department, 1963-65

Memorial Hospital, Inc., Johnson City, Tennessee, 1965-72
  Chairman of Pediatric Service, 1966-67 and 1971-72 Johnson City Eye Hospital, Johnson City, TN
  Pediatric Consultant, 1965-72
  McGovern Allergy Clinic, Houston, TX, 1972-1986
  McGovern Allergy Clinic, P.A., Houston, TX, 1986-1995
  McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic, P.A., Bellaire, TX, 1996-

Texas Allergy Research Foundation, Houston, TX, 1972-

Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX
  Courtesy Staff, 1972-87
  Active Staff, l987-

Memorial Hermann Hospital, Houston, TX
  Courtesy Staff, 1980-l997
  Affiliate Staff, 1997-

St. Joseph Medical Center, Houston, TX
  Courtesy Staff, l990-2004
  Consulting Staff, 2004-


U.S. Naval Hospital, Charleston, SC
  Preceptor of Clinical Clerks (Medical students on active duty for training), and Intern Advisor, 1963-65

Medical College of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
  Instructor in Pediatrics, 1963-65

The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  Lecturer (and Seminar co-chairman) 1972

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
  Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, 1976-2003


Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps, United States Navy
  Active Duty, 1958-65
  Naval Reserve, 1955-58

Duty Stations:
  U.S. Navy Hospital, NNMC., Bethesda, MD (twice)
  U.S. Navy Dispensary, Washington, DC
  U.S. Navy Hospital, Charleston, SC

Extra Duty Faculty, National War College, Latin American Tour, 1960
  Assignments: Officer in Charge, Special U.S. Navy Medical Mission to Honduras, 1962
  Medical Officer Recruiting, Sixth Naval District, 1962-65


American Medical Association, 1958-

Duke University Medical Alumni Association, 1958-

Southern Medical Association, 1965-
  Allergy Section, 1972-
  Secretary-Elect, Allergy Section, 1987-88
  Secretary, Allergy Section, 1988-89

American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow, 1972-

Harris County Medical Society, 1972-

Texas Medical Association, 1972-
  Pediatric Section, 1972-

Texas Pediatric Society, 1972-

Texas Allergy Research Foundation, 1972-

American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 1972-
  Fellow, 1978-

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 1973-

Nutrition Today Society, Founding Member, 1974-1985

Greater Houston Allergy Society, Founding Member, 1973-
  Secretary, 1991-1992

Texas Allergy and Immunology Society, Founding Fellow, 1985-2000


Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 1985-

Boy Scouts of America - Registered Adult Leader
  Various unit, district, council and region positions, 1970-
  Council Board of Directors, 1977-
  Chairman, Council Health and Safety Committee, 1978-83
  Vice-President, Council Division, 1985-87

Century Club, Platelet Phoresis Donations, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute,
  The University of Texas System Cancer Center


Salicylism, Metabolic Abaration and Repair (unpublished address), 1956

Retinoblastoma, Historical and Genetic Aspects (unpublished address), 1958

Neuroblastoma, A Report of Series Involving Direct Extension intoSpinal Canal (address before Greater Washington, DC Pediatric Society, Walter Reed Army Medical Center), 1961

Report of Special USN Medical Mission to Honduras (Clinical and Microbiological Studies in Gastroenteritis Epidemic), 1962

Causes of Congenital Abnormalities (unpublished address), 1962

Childhood Lupus Erythematosis (address before South Carolina Pediatric Society Meeting), 1964

Herpes Simplex Encephalitis, Case Report and Review (address before Pediatric Section, South Carolina Medical Society), 1965

Community Hospital Continuing Education Program (Memorial Hospital, Inc., Johnson City, Tennessee), address every six months on various subjects, 1965-72

Overview of Pharmacology of Drugs Used to Modify the Allergic State (seminars on the Immunophysiology of Allergy Diseases - Sponsored by The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and McGovern Allergy Clinic), 1972-73

Physiologic Aspects of the Allergic State (seminars on the Immunophysiology of Allergy Diseases - Sponsored by The University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and McGovern Allergy Clinic), 1974
  Address and Co-Chairman of the series, l974, 1975

McGovern, J.P., Thorne, L.G., Peirce, K.E. and Lee, R.E., Jr.: Allergy as a School Health Problem, School Health Problems, Charles C Thomas, publishers, Springfield, IL, pp 174-211, 1975

McLerran, C.J., Thorne, L.G., and McGovern, J.P.: The Radioallergosorbent Test (RAST) in Clinical Allergy: Applications and Limitations, Southern Medical Journal, 1976

Food Allergy, "Handbook for the Allergic Patient", McGovern Allergy Clinic, in press, 1986

Allergy Treatment: Present Throughout Recorded History, Texas Health letter, Spring, 1987

Bronchodilators and Other Treatment for Asthma, Texas Health Letter, Summer, 1987

Hay Fever: How to Escape, McGovern Allergy Clinic Newsletter, Fall, 1987

Food Allergy, McGovern Allergy Clinic Newsletter, Summer, 1988

Food Allergy: Diagnosis and Treatment, McGovern Allergy Clinic Newsletter, Spring, 1989

Food Allergy: Jewish Herald-Voice, July, l992