Dr. Zachary Marshall Is Board Certified In Allergy, Immunology, And Rheumatology

Dr. Zachary Marshall, M.D.

Dr. Zachary Marshall

Board Certified Physician


Dr. Zachary Marshall, M.D.

Dr. Zachary Marshall is board-certified in Allergy, Immunology, and Internal Medicine, treating both adults and children. A native Texan, Dr. Marshall graduated from Rice University, the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, and Baylor College of Medicine, where he completed his internal medicine residency and clinical postdoctoral fellowship in allergy and immunology. His fellowship research focused on fungal inflammation of the airway and in vivo models of drug allergy. Dr. Marshall’s clinical interests include rhinitis, asthma, environmental allergies, food and drug allergies, hives, eczema, and immune disorders. Dr. Marshall also has a particular interest in the medical humanities and has written on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. “In this electronic age of increasingly depersonalized care, we must not forget that health and healing occur only at the level of the individual patient and only with collaboration. Our efforts are best invested in the lives of people, and there is no greater progress than to improve the life of another.” – Dr. Zachary Marshall

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